The Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection - now published by Springer

The Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection - JPDP is the official scientific communication organ of  the German Society for Plant Protection and Plant Health (DPG). Since 01.01.2016 it is published by Springer publisher.

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The Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (JPDP) is an international scientific journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, short communications, position and opinion papers dealing with applied scientific aspects of plant pathology, plant health, plant protection and findings on newly occurring diseases and pests. "Special Issues" on coherent themes often arising from International Conferences are offered.

Scientists are encouraged to submit manuscripts on virtually all aspects of plant diseases, pathogenesis, integrated plant protection, biology and molecular biology of viruses, bacteria, phytoplasms, oomycota, fungi and herbivores, including nematodes, mites, insects, snails and rodents. In addition, manuscripts on the interaction with the host plants are welcome. JPDP has a significant interest in all aspects of plant protection, including research describing the mode of action and efficacy of pesticides as well as pesticide resistance. Monitoring, forecasting and application technologies will also be a included. Although JPDP primarily focuses on plant diseases and protection, hence the name of the journal, it also considers manuscripts on legislative aspects.

Prerequisites for research results to be published in the JPDP are a clearly stated hypothesis on the novel elements dealt with in the contribution, which in turn should be based on a thorough analyses going beyond the mere description of a novel biological agent or process.

We accept manuscripts from all over the world provided that the themes and research areas are of relevance for European plant health and protection.