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The Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft e. V. - the German Society for plant Protection and Plant Health r.S.  (DPG) is the largest scientific association concerned with plant protection in Germany. The Society is membership-based, and its members are mostly professionals within the entire field of phytomedicine.

Here, we define phytomedicine as the science of plant disorders (whether biotic or abiotic), their diagnosis, management and control. Phytomedicine deals with all infectious agents that attack plants, and also covers damage caused to crops by pests, diseases and weeds. Under our definition, we additionally include abiotic disorders such as drought, frost, flooding, poor drainage, nutrient deficiency, salt deposition and other soluble mineral excesses or wind, which may occur naturally or be man made. Other examples of man-made ‘problems’ include soil compaction, pollution of air and soil, salt applications on roads in urban areas, overuse  of pesticides, as well as poor education and poor training of people working with plants.

To be able to spread information about scientific events DPG looks for partner organisations concerned with plant protection and plant health world wide. International scientific events as platforms for information exchange reveal sustainable results in a globalised world.

As an example, we are hosting the International Plant Protection Congress of the IAPPS 2015 in Berlin (more...).

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