Working groups of the DPG

The DPG-working groups are scientific forums for active DPG-members and non-members where current research results and empirical reports from practitioners are exchanged and discussed. Attending DPG-working group meetings is free of charge.
Between 15 and 120 people attend each of the annual working group meetings. Thus more than 1400 scientists from the entire field of phytomedicine meet annually. The meetings are organized by the individual group leaders.
We would be happy, if we could arouse more interest in the work of the DPG and to see attendants becoming a DPG-member. We encourage doctoral candidates to present their results, even if they are tentative, and discuss them with colleagues in the working groups.
All participants are invited to make abstracts of their scientific available to the group leader for publication. Thus the working group activities can be promoted to the outside and an interest to attend be awakened.